I started my career as an Assistant Animator on Yellow Submarine and worked for several years on commercials and TV series before setting up Leeds Animation Workshop, a community Arts venture making educational, issue based films. Teaching has always been a parallel commitment to film making. I have taught animation over the years at several Universities.

For 12 years I was Head of Animation Direction at the National Film and Television School.

I stopped making purely animation films many years ago and concentrated on mixtures of documentary with some digital manipulation. I became particularly interested in dance films and worked with dancer/choreographer Jane Dudley to produce Dancing Inside when Jane was in her eighties. Further dancer collaborations have been with Wayne McGregor and Diane Payne Meyers.

Two pieces of work, Second Breath with sculptor and holocaust survivor Maurice Blik, and Play: On the Beach with the Ballets Russes were made and designed for live performance, touring the UK with the Balanescu Quartet. Alexander Balanescu composed the scores for both.

My latest project, MY 60’S, features a verbal and visual diary I made in the late 60’s for the entertainment of our hippy commune.

Diaries relating to films, current work and photo series appear under the 'live pages' heading of this site.

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